Session 1A :
Device Degradation due to Radiation on Silicon Transistors
  • Jungsik Kim, Professor

  • Gyeongsang National University

  • Detail
Session 1B :
The Importance of Reliability Evaluation and Radiation Test of Satellite Control System
  • Hosang Yi, Project Manager

  • Asia Pacific Satellite Inc.

  • Detail
Session 2A :
Functional Safety and Radiation Effects Considerations for AV Systems
  • Jyotika Athavale, Senior Technical Leader


  • Detail
Session 2B :
Design Consideration for DRAM/SSD Automotive Functional Safety Application
  • Keith Kim

  • SK Hynix USA

  • Detail
Session 2C :
Power Semiconductor for Automotive Application : How safe is SOA(Safe Operation Area)?
  • Joongsik Kih, PhD

  • QRT Inc.

  • Detail
Session 3A:
Los Alamos In-House Expert’s Guideline for Successful Accelerated Neutron Test
  • Steven Wender, PhD


  • Detail
Session 3B :
Soft Error Test for Fast Moving Automotive Industry
  • Sung S. Chung, CTO

  • QRT Inc.

  • Detail