If there is an error in the membership registration, please check the iOS/Mac OS setting and change it as follows.
※ This setting controls whether Safari makes some information available to pages embedded in other pages
(like our registration system embedded in our website).

  • For iOS users,

    01 Open 'Settings'

    02 Open the 'Safari Section

    03 Under the 'Privacy' heading, make sure the 'Prevent Cross-Site' and 'Block All Cookies' Switch Off.

    04 Go back to the Home screen, Open 'Safari' again, and try again.

  • For Mac users,

    01 Open Safari app on your Mac.

    02 Open Safari Preferences, by clicking on the 'Safari' menu on the left of the menu bar, and clicking on 'Preferences', or by pressing '⌘,'.

    03 Click on the 'Privacy' tab.

    04 Uncheck the 'Prevent cross-site tracking' and 'Block All Cookies' check box.

    05 Close the Preferences window.