Program Schedule
Time Title Speaker Presentation
No. 09:30 Welcome announcement
& opening
Session Chair
1 09:30~10:15 Automotive Test and Reliability Yervant Zorian
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2 10:15~11:00 Transient failure analysis and mitigation techniques for ISO 26262
Automotive device packaging technology and test challenges
Dan Alexandrescu
(IROC Tech.)
3 11:00~11:45 Automotive device packaging technology & test challenges Goo Lee
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11:45~12:00 Q&A and Break for Lunch Session Chair
12:00~13:00 Lunch & Special Announcement
(CEO Speaking: Before Lunch)
13:00 ~13:15 Preparation for Session 2
4 13:15~14:00 Automotive IC test challenges
& emerging test methods
Dan Alexandrescu
(IROC Tech.)
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5 14:00~14:45 C-ITS development status
& automated driving policy in Korea
Stephen Pateras
(Mentor: A Siemens Business)
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6 14:45~15:30 Storage technology for connected
& autonomous vehicle
Kevin Tran
(SK Hynix)
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15:30~15:45 Q&A and Special Dessert Break Session Chair
7 15:45~16:30 Automotive safety challenges based on
AEC Q100 and ISO 26262 requirement
Sung Chung
(QRT Inc.)
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16:30~17:00 Discussion on ASSIC 2019
Recognition and Announcement
(IROC MOU Picture)
Raffle, Adjournment of the Conference
Session Chairs
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