• Sub-Title : Application Examples of Soft Error Technology to Functional Safety

  • Date : April, 2021

  • Location : Biltmore Hotel & Suites, 2151 Laurel wood Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States

  • Cost : $250, including Conference material and Luncheon

Advancing Functional Safety

Safety-critical automotive applications such as smart cars and self-driving technologies have strict requirements for functional safety and reliability, and these requirements have been mainly managed by automobile and electric parts manufacturers. However, due to the increased complexity of electronic products, the responsibility of managing functional safety is expanded to semiconductor industry.

So, as the leading conference for functional safety and soft error technologies, ASSIC 2021 will focus on improving the interaction of reliability requirements and soft errors in overcoming the challenges sustainably that automotive semiconductor’s functional safety implications and applications examples are important and interest to all.

Please join us at the ASSIC 2021 conference in April 2021 in Santa Clara, CA, US

Advancing Functional Safety
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  • IoT
  • EDA
  • Flash SSD
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  • Packaging
  • ISO26262
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