Welcome! Advanced Semiconductor
Safety Innovation Conference

The Global Green Initiatives and Fourth Industrial Revolution, known as Knowledge Revolution, accelerate demands for more innovative and intelligent devices for future all-electric mobility and knowledge base applications.

As the complexity of electronics used in safety-critical applications increases, the commitment to support functional safety should be extended to semiconductor manufacturers to comply with the standards for all future electric vehicles. As a result, the soft error test has become more critical than ever before.

At this year's 6th ASSIC2022 Annual Conference, we like to bring hands-on practical information from renowned experts from each field under the theme "Advanced Radiation Testing, Data Analysis & Validation Examples." The Conference speakers are Nuclear Scientists from LANSCE and TRIUMF, and Femtosecond Laser-based SEE Scientists from the US and Great Britain.

We also introduce QRT's latest Soft Error Radiation Test innovations and share experts' opinions and implications on the newly revised JESD89B Soft Error Test Standards for future Soft Error Test Certification.

Please join us at ASSIC2022 and experience new hands-on Soft Error Knowledge with the experts. As we have celebrated during the last five conferences, the ASSIC2022 also brings a unique experience to you.

Chair of the Conference Chung, Sung Soo