Welcome! Automotive Semiconductor
Safety Innovation Conference

As semiconductor mounting increases in self-driving cars, urban aviation mobility, and aerospace, which are important to passenger safety, strict management of the functional safety and reliability of automotive and electronic parts manufacturers is required.
As the complexity of electronics increases, the responsibility for handling functional safety should be extended to semiconductor manufacturers to meet the standard of semiconductor functional safety for vehicles. The semiconductor and systems industries should clarify the failure rate analysis for the safety integrity level of the product and include it in the design and evaluation requirements.

Now, at our fifth conference, we'd like to share research and practice with you under the theme of "Soft Error Technology Application Applications to Advanced Vehicles" to discuss new challenges, visions, and collaboration for activation.

Please understand the need and case of semiconductor soft error verification at the ASSIC 2021 conference and use it as an opportunity to achieve functional safety and reliability of automotive semiconductor.

CEO of QRT Inc.
Kim, Young Boo