The 2023 ASSIC is Septennial Anniversary Conference
this year!

Advanced semiconductor demands advanced solutions to meet Safety and Reliability requirement. We have seen dynamic changes in the market during the last few years:
• a dramatic increase in radiation test demand in both commercial and aerospace applications,
• signs of the market shift in high-performance memory devices,
• the requests for root cause analysis of RMA device returns for cost reduction.

We organized this year’s Conference to address these critical changes and invited speakers from the US, Great Britain, and advanced Korean research institutions will share their solutions with us.

Guest speakers will bring insight into radiation test requirements for terrestrial and aerospace applications, space weather and radiation impact on device and critical space missions, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source for radiation test, development of Nanosats in Korea, the future of the aerospace industry in Korea, and changing demand and roadmap of high-performance memory device for the ChatGPT era.

The experts from QRT will share practical and applicable know-how with attendees; the expertise we are about to share is the results of our three-year R&D activities, such as developing world-class SEE Analysis System, conducting over 60+ radiation tests at six different beam sites, and generating numerous test report, and working with two international R&D partners.

However, we all are hard-pressed with the availability of beams for different radiation test requirements, and it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Therefore, using highly accurate and efficient test equipment and better campaign management are the best approaches for all of us for the time being. To overcome these bottlenecks, saving test time and achieving higher accuracy with limited beam resources are the key strategy for the industry.

Focus of this year’s Conference addresses these topics and provides actionable solutions for your Safety and Reliability needs.

Please join us at the new 2023 ASSIC Conference!

Date : 17th June 2021 Welcome Message

Program Schedule

Session 1: Space Radiation Environment, Device, Test, and NanoCube Trends
Session 1 Presentation Title Speaker
S1-1 SEE Testing Requirements for Microelectronics in Aerospace Applications. Robert Baumann, Ph.D., Professor & Consultant at Radiosity Solutions
S1-2 Space Radiation Challenges for Deep Space Missions in the Artemis Era: Moon to Mars. Insoo Jun, Ph.D., Deputy Technical Fellow at NASA JPL
S1-3 Korea Nano NanoCube Development Status Hae-Dong Kim, Ph.D., Professor at GNU (Gyeongsang National University)
S1-4 Recent Trends in the Development of Space-Grade Semiconductors and Single Event Effect Testing. Woo Jun Lee, Senior Researcher, KARI
Session 2: Ground Radiation Test, Beam Facility, Test System & TPA LASER Application
Session 2 Presentation Title Speaker
S2-1 SEE Testing Requirements for Microelectronics in Terrestrial Applications Robert Baumann, Ph.D., Professor & Consultant at Radiosity Solutions
S2-2 Challenges and Improvements in Accelerated Radiation Testing Kiseog Kim, Ph.D., Head of R&D, QRT Inc.
S2-3 Radiation Effects Characterization & Tolerance Testing of Semiconductor Devices using Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Systems. Saqib Khan, Ph.D., QRT Inc.

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