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Privacy policy
The ASSIC 2020 Conference protects your personal information, and collects and utilizes your personal information only for the following purposes: registration, billing, and consultation. The personal information required for the operation of the event is not collected and used for any other purposes.

▪ Collection and Utilization of Personal Information
The collected personal information is as follows:
* Mandatorily required: email (Registration ID), password, name, affiliated company, position, & mobile phone number
* Additional payment information: credit card, etc.
    During the service, the following information can be automatically generated and collected.
* Service usage history, access logs, cookies, access IP information, etc.

▪ Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Utilization
The executive office of the ASSIC 2020 International Conference collects the necessary personal information for accepting and validating applications for registrations to the ASSIC 2020 International Conference.
① Collection of personal information for online service use
② Information management such as registration / payment / refund
③ Announcements and information for the conference

▪ Retention and Usage Period of Collected Information
The information is destroyed after the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved.

▪ The ASSIC 2020 International Conference provides personal and payment information to QRT Corp. (executive office of the ASSIC 2020 International Conference), Inicis(payment agency), and Westgate (Homepage/Program Management Company) for preparation and payment of events.